Sandia Snow

This session did NOT go as planned. That tends to happen a lot of the time when Bridget and I get together. But no matter the situation that is thrown at us we always find a way.

On this day it was beautiful in Albuquerque! Sunny and warm. On my way to take my son to school I noticed snow on the top of the Sandia Mountains which I thought may have been a light dusting, that would soon melt over the course of the day.

Bridget's vision was to be on top of the mountain in a stunning dress where her hair and gown were blowing in the wind. A very freeing type of photoshoot. Letting go and being in the moment. I loved this whole idea. On our way up to the crest we found ourselves driving on ICE! It was terrifying! Neither us of have cars with good enough tires to get us through it. We turned around and found a spot that just had to work.

We shot for maybe a total of 15 minutes at our first location. And then maybe 10 minutes tops at our last location. None of which we had planned but sometimes you just have to roll with what mother nature has in store. And wow... she did no disappoint. I honestly love how all the images turned out. It was perfect and even though we did not get exactly what we were going for, it still turned out beautiful in it's own way <3